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The Creator's Sacrifice - Holy Week

Ovid Bighetty

March 31, 2021

The Vancouver DTES Churches, in partnership with Jacob’s Well and 24-7 Prayer Vancouver, are hosting a Holy Week of prayer at Jacob’s Well, with a special focus on the Stations of the Cross. Artists from the DTES Churches contributed to this project, and we are blessed to also be guided into prayer through the artwork of The Creator’s Sacrifice, by Ovid Bighetty. 

“In 2002, Indian Metis Christian Fellowship (IMCF), Regina, Saskatchewan, commissioned First Nations artist Ovide Bighetty to create a series of paintings depicting the Easter story. Ovide painted Kisemanito Pakitinasuwin – ‘The Creator’s Sacrifice’ in his own aboriginal style which he describes as ‘Woodland Cree’. During the creation of these painting, Ovide consulted widely with aboriginal elders and artists from Regina and his home community, Pukatawagan First Nation, The Pas, Manitoba. Proceeds from the sale of reproductions of Kisemanito Pakitinasuwin – ‘The Creator’s Sacrifice’ and donations to this project will be used to pay the artist’s commission, provide for exhibition tours, and contribute to fundraising for Indian Metis Christian Fellowship (IMCF). All reproduction rights belong fully and completely to Indian Metis Christian Fellowship (IMCF).


Ovide Bighety, 2002; @ Indian Metis Christian Fellowship

Printed by Concept Media, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Below are some prayerful reflections from Indigenous elders on the pieces from The Creator’s Sacrifice. Contributors include Chaplain Lauren Sanders, Cheryl Bear, Joyce Robinson, Phoenix, and Eun Jung Oh (in Korean)

#1 Last Supper – One of the traditions of my people is to have a feast right before winter came. During the feast, we make sure Elders and children receive a gift because we feast before Christmas. Long ago, before colonization tore up our families, we would make sure the Elders and children had enough to eat, enough resources and enough blankets to keep warm. One of the 7 Grandfather Teachings that this represents is wdetanmowen (w’de-tahn-mo-wen). An English translation might be respect, but what it really means is recognizing the reciprocal relationship we have with one another. With a good heart, we share our appreciation and thoughtfulness to all. I wonder if this is Jesus’ purpose with the last supper. Jesus knew hard times were fast approaching. He feasted with his community. He then did this weird ceremony where he gave gifts of bread and juice to those around him, making sure they had enough until he could see them again. He taught them how to do the ceremony, and they all remembered it. -Chaplain Lauren Sanders

모두 와서 생명의 떡과 포도주를 나눕시다 - Eun

#2 Starting The Journey – Taking the first step in anything is hard. Have you ever run away from the first steps? I wonder if Jesus ran away from getting baptized and fasting in the wilderness. I can imagine he did – he was human, wasn’t he? One of the 7 Grandfather Teachings is wedasewen (way-dah-se-wen). In English, a translation might be “bravery”, but what it really means is taking hold of the courage and strength we were all created with and using that courage and strength to make good choices when faced with difficulties and challenges in life. I wonder if Jesus was taught that he was created with courage and strength inside of him. I wonder who taught Jesus to use his courage and strength in a good way. I wonder if you were taught that you always have courage and strength inside you. I wonder how you use your courage and strength in a good way. -Chaplain Lauren Sanders

저의 생명은 하나님께 있음을 고백합니다.  생명을  주관하시는 분은 하나님 당신이십니다. - Eun

#3 Betrayal – Even though Jesus is pretty well-known nowadays, the Roman government didn’t know anything about Jesus and his ministry. The Roman law enforcement needed someone to point out who Jesus was. The reason Jesus was incarcerated was because some politicians from Jesus’ own community felt threatened by Jesus. Not that Jesus was going to take their place as a politician, but rather that Jesus was holding the leaders accountable for the deplorable way of life they instituted, where the wealthy got more wealthy and the poor became more poor. Jesus demanded that all Jewish peoples lives mattered – the widows, the orphans, the outcasts and sick, all of these who didn’t have a community, who ultimately died from lack of resources. Judas, a disciple of Christ, betrayed Jesus with a kiss. Community leaders betrayed their community, and honestly, Jesus already forgave Judas before Judas even did it. Jesus didn’t forgive the community leaders until he was on the cross. -Chaplain Lauren Sanders

I know this is what you must do for Me to make it to the cross. But please come back to Me for forgiveness. 

Prayer: Lord God, thank You for Your Son. Thank You that He has willingly taken all my burdens and sins. - Joyce Robinson

마음을 지키라. 너희 마음을 단단히 하라. - Eun

#4 False Witness 

It hurts to know that you are knowingly lying about me. 

Prayer: Father, You know me. I trust that You will defend me.  - Joyce Robinson

The community leaders needed a legitimate reason to kill Jesus because they knew they were wrong and petty and scared. So these two random people say something outlandish – that Jesus said he could destroy God’s temple and rebuild it in three days. And for real though, Jesus did say something like it. But the two random people’s words did not condemn Jesus to death. The community leaders pre-decided anything remotely like blasphemy would condemn Jesus. I wonder how Jesus felt as he listened to people who hated him that much. -Chaplain Lauren Sanders

사랑하는 분이시여, 나는 당신을 알지 못합니다. 주여 당신을 마음에 둔 것으로 인하여 죽임 당할까 두렵습니다. 두려움으로 당신을 부인합니다…

나는 당신을 알지 못합니다. - Eun

#5 Peter’s Failure

Everyone fails. Sometimes in small ways, sometimes big. We carry these things through out lives, sometimes failure can haunt us. This picture gives me hope because young Peter in the gospels turns into old Peter who later wrote two epistles: 1 & 2 Peter. He is very different. Here we see the transformation time can give. - Cheryl Bear

Prayer: Thank you Creator for Elders who show us a good way to be. Thank you that we too can look forward to transformation into an Elder.

제 마음을 찢습니다. 죽음의 공포를 이기지 못함으로 당신을 외면한 죄를 마음에 새깁니다. 당신의 사랑을 외면한 저를 용서 하옵소서.

사랑하는 자여, 나의 사랑을 너에게 두노라. - Eun

#6 Injustice For The Just - Jesus replied, “I was born and came into this world for one purpose, to speak about the truth. Whoever belongs to the truth listens to me.” “And what is truth?” they asked. One of the Grandfather Teachings is dewewen (day-way-wen). It can be translated to mean “truth,” but what it really means is showing that our character and actions reflect a learning, knowing, and honoring of truth. The truth is God is love. I wonder how your character and actions reflect learning, knowing, and honoring truth. -Chaplain Lauren Sanders

눈에 보이는 이 길은 고난을 길 이지만 눈을 들어 보는 이 길은 하나님의 영광에 이르는 길임을 고백 하노라.  내가 이 길은 담당하므로 너희에게 하나님의 은혜가 임할 것이라.

하나님, 이 길을 다 갈 수 있도록 제게 힘을 주옵소서. - Eun

#7 Crowned for Our Glory – Jesus was tortured and had to wear a crown of thorns. He was abused physically, emotionally, and psychologically. I wonder why this abuse and torture happened. I wonder where God is in this picture, in this moment. I wonder if God wept. -Chaplain Lauren Sanders

고난 중에 하나님을 바랍니다. 그러나 이 고통이 너무 무겁습니다. - Eun

#8 Power Over Death

My earliest memories are of standing around a grave. First my Uncle Bob when I was four, and then my Uncle Norman when I was 5. Those were tough days, and they marked the rest of my life like an unhealable wound. Every year there has been a significant loss. Sometime more. Last year there were 9 people I knew who died. Power over death is our great hope. Also, that we will join our Ancestors in the spirit world and be with our loving Creator. - Cheryl Bear

Prayer: Creator, you will carry us over to the spirit world when it is our time.

하나님의 사랑 외에는 사망과 죽음을 이길 수 없습니다. 죽음을 이기시는 하나님의 사랑이 영광 받으옵소서. - Eun

#9 The Weight of Our Sins – Many times we think sin is individual wrongdoings. And sometimes sin is individual wrongdoings, but really, sin is turning away from God’s love. One of the 7 Grandfather Teachings is debanawen (d’bah-nah-wen). It is our word for “love,” but it really is showing affection, freely giving all of yourself (the good, bad, and ugly) and feel love for all beings. We turn away from God’s love when try to hold back a part of ourselves from God. We turn away from God’s love when we see the world around us as resources, capital, money, and wealth. We turn away from God’s love when we fail to love our neighbors as ourselves, when we fail to clothe people who need clothes, give food and water to people who need food and water. -Chaplain Lauren Sanders

죄의 무게는 십자가 보다 무겁습니다.  그럼에도 불구하고 우리는 우리의 죄를 고백 할 용기를 가지지 못했었습니다.

#10 To the Sinner the Promise of Heaven – One rebel joined in mocking Jesus even as he was crucified. The other rebel said, “Remember me, Jesus, when you come again.” Jesus said, “I promise that today you will be in paradise with me.” In this artwork, we see one of the 7 Grandfather Teachings, gwekwadzewen (gway-kwahd-zay-wen). It translates to “honesty,” but it literally means “someone who has turned their life around.” Someone has faced their inner truth and decided to change in an honest way. I wonder how you can face an inner truth and decide to change in an honest way. -Chaplain Lauren Sanders

이 땅에 오신 하나님, 예수 그리스도만이 하나님과 우리 사이의 중보자가 되시며 우리의 구원자이십니다. - Eun

#11 Creating A New Family 

Jesus hangs from a white birch tree instead of the traditional cross. A strong red eagle soars behind his head. It is night but there are bright lights in the darkness. Jesus is not alone. Three people stand at his feet and behind him are a group of brown figures, including a young one. 

Prayer:  Jesus, many of us have come to you without anyone close to us, or feeling alone. You have given us hope for a new family, a family in Christ. We are grateful that you were not always alone in your suffering. We journey with you.  - Phoenix

#11 Creating a New Family – Jesus’s beloved disciple and Jesus’s mother are watching Jesus die, weeping. Jesus said, “He is your son now. She is your mother now.” Jesus knew that community and family are important. During his life, he taught people the good way that shows love, kindness, and caring for all of creation; he demanded accountability and reciprocity. One of the 7 Grandfather Teachings is bwakawen (b’wah-kah-wen). It means wisdom, but it’s really about using good judgment and attitude to teach others what we have learned. With his loving heart, Jesus taught the beloved disciple and his mother to turn towards each other as family. -Chaplain Lauren Sanders

우리는 하나님의 자녀요 사랑하는 형제 자매이나라. - Eun


#12 By His stripes I am Healed. 

I can barely handle a paper cut. 

Prayer: Lord Jesus, what a wonder You are! Your willingness to take the hurt that I deserve for MY sins. Thank You Father God for Your son that I can live dept free. - Joyce Robinson

These days people are doubting doctors and science. They choose their rights over protecting our precious Elders. That seems crazy to me. Even though those same people will take insulin, heart pills, thyroid pills … and we depend on doctors and science all the time. I believe in praying for healing. I believe healing comes through prayer and faith, but often the answer to our prayers is doctors and science. - Cheryl Bear

Prayer: Creator, help us to have the wisdom to do what needs to be done to protect our precious Elders.

나의 상함으로 너희가 위로함을 얻으며 나의 찢김으로 인하여 고침을 받을  것이다. - Eun


#13 It Is Finished – Jesus’s earthly life was finished. He had died. A secret follower of Jesus carefully took his body to be cleaned and buried. One of the 7 Grandfather Teachings is edbesendowen (ed-bay-sen-doh-wen), which means humility. It means to recognize ourselves as humble and human. The follower of Jesus gave him a Jewish burial, cared for Jesus, offering him a humble and humane gift. I wonder in what ways you recognize yourself as humble and human. -Chaplain Lauren Sanders

하나님의 뜻을 이루시옵소서. - Eun

#14 The Women Wait

In the New Testament we see Jesus elevating the status of women. In those ancient days, women were considered property and would not be cared for unless they had a husband, or sons if they were widowed. Life in those days was far more precarious than the average Jane Austin novel. Jesus is kind and empowering. Women become the his disciples, the first evangelist, the first to meet him at the grave, and even an apostle. Women can do everything.

간절히, 간절하게 예수님을 다시 보기 원합니다. 그가 누이신 곳이라도 보게 하옵소서. - Eun

#15 Guarding The Promise of Resurrection. 

I stand on guard for thee. 

Prayer: Adonia, You are Lord of lords. A Man of Your word. In You I put my trust.

내가 세상을 이기었노라! - Eun


#16 ‘Hallelujah Christ Is Risen’

In this picture Jesus has silver white hair. Here he looks like the Lakota word for the Creator: Takunsila which is translated Grandfather. When I pray I say:

Our Grandfather, who dwells in the spirit world alongside our own

the highest respect is given to your name

help us to stay on the Good Road

let us see your dreams for us come true  

on Earth as it is in the Spirit World

let us have enough to eat today

and forgive me for those things I did

that were not cool

and help me to forgive those

who did hurtful things to me

show me the way out of a bad spot

and get me out of the way of the evil one

for yours is the good road,

all authority,

and the highest respect

from the beginning of time until the end


- Cheryl Bear

 찬양하라! 할렐루야!! 예수께서 부활 하셨다. - Eun

#17  Because He Lives We Can Face Tomorrow 

     A dark-skinned Jesus has his arms wide open, his face full of pain. A person kneels before him, touched by a yellow and purple butterfly, a symbol of transformation. 

     The only crosses are in the borders. Jesus is free of the cross he was hung on, and he has freed us. 

    Prayer:  Jesus, you have set us free by your sacrifice. Help us to see the wondrous transformation in you as you touch our lives. Thank you for being open to us and our needs. - Phoenix

예수께서 십자가에 오르심으로 우리는 하느님께 이를 수 있습니다.

육신의 연약함으로 죄에 감당 할 수 없는 우리를 위하여 예수께서 우리들의 큰 죄를 담당 하심으로 하나님의 자녀가 되는 권세를 주셨으며  예수께서 죽으시고 다시 살아 나심으로 천국에 이를 수 있는 소망을 주셨습니다. - Eun

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