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Mark Anderson

2002-2012 - Volunteer; Board member

October 20, 2021

We have some really wonderful memories from our time at Jacob’s Well... All told, we were there for 10 years.

Mark, Cathy and their adult children

Twenty years—wow! Congratulations! God is so good!

We have some really wonderful memories from our time at Jacob’s Well. I think Cathy and I began volunteering occasionally in about 2002—before the renovations—and then regularly until 2012. All told, we were there for 10 years. Sorry my dates aren't more precise than that!

Anyhow, we have wonderful memories of learning what community is and how it works. Eating great food together was such a blessing. I think our first involvement was likely serving Christmas dinner to folks in the community when Joyce was there. I recall her referring to eating together as a sacrament. We loved the way the Annual General Meetings (and very different from usual AGMs) were so inclusive with staff and board, volunteers and neighbourhood friends! We thoroughly enjoyed the two summers we joined the crew that went to Oliver to help with the Okanagan Gleaners. We loved the Monday/Wednesday prayer meetings. We made some good friendships at Jacob’s Well, which made it really special. We loved our time with Tom and Karen Wuest on Galiano. The time they welcomed some of my homeless clients from Surrey was very special too. And, I count it a real privilege to have been on the board for a number of years and so glad for the board retreat we had, which I believe helped us move forward as a community. All in all, it was a time of real growth and learning for us that left us with a lot of great memories.

I’m so glad Jacob’s Well is still ministering in the DTES. And it brings us joy to have played even a small part in God’s work there.

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