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Sarah-Jane Melnychuk

2003-2004 Monday night worship

October 20, 2021

The greatest lessons learned,…, is compassion and empathy; not just with others but towards myself.

What can I say about my experience with Jacob’s Well? I often think back to that time.  It seems like it has been many moons ago now.  

I do have fond memories of when we’d gather for Bible study and worship either playing my guitar or the djembe.  I probably thought I knew more than I actually did and that very fact probably added to some entertaining conversations for sure.  

I believe I was around during the renovations and may have seen the finished results.  The greatest lessons learned, which still is very much a part of my continued journey, is compassion and empathy; not just with others but towards myself.  

Jesus walks unbelievably close to those struggling, confused, and broken and with those who are so often marginalized by The Church.  It’s a scandalous thought to say, but experience has taught me that salvation is not dependent upon being 100% accurate in theology and doctrine but rather cultivating a heart that is open and receptive to where God may lead us in our journey.  

We might have all these wild ideas about what we should live out our faith but really the most integral part to our faith journey is to love God and love others.  After choosing to love God and love others well, what really then matters is our relationship with Jesus and how we live.  With all relationships, the hope is that they grow and take root and ultimately change us in ways that I’ve often found hard to define. Over the years I’ve expected God to change and transform me (and others!) in one way but then found that transformation happens in a profoundly different way; this is the very ‘organic nature of The Church’, the body of Christ! 

If we are to change in any way, let that be to love deeper, to have greater mercy and to learn how we can walk with one another in the reciprocity found within the triune nature of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I carry this truth with me everywhere I go, whether I’m among the Christian Community or with colleagues or with the community in which I live.  I have taken a pretty long hiatus from any involvement with any particular ministry to focus on myself, to be more present with family and to focus on work.  

Currently, I work in Traffic Control.  I have worked on projects like the new counter flow lane on the Alex Fraser Bridge, odd jobs for The City of Surrey and currently the Port Expansion at The Port of Vancouver.  I enjoy my new challenging career very much. 

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