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Sharon Milligan

2004-2015 - volunteer and friend to many - often found knitting and have tea and conversation with anyone who stopped by

October 20, 2021

My friends from Jacob's Well friends… brought their company, their friendship and their prayers. They gave me hope!

Julia Schiebe invited me to a Wednesday Colleague's Lunch one day at Jacob’s Well, when we were working together as Homecare Nurses.  It was the beginning of over 12 years of very interesting contact with many dear, dear people.  That lunch, every Wednesday, was a kind of oasis in the middle of the week where we workers in the DTES could share our troubles and triumphs and talk together about the things that are really important .... our own and our friends' relationship with God.  That is a rare thing indeed! 


We shared lots of laughs, a few tears and plenty of information!  Many remain close friends to this day!  The friendships I made through "The Well" are some of  my most cherished. I think I was there from 2004 to about 2015 or 2016. 


I was involved with quite a few teams and was so happy to be part of gardening at Red Clover Farm (a Jacob’s Well initiative in the downtown eastside), making stews and breakfast dishes for celebrations meeting all the students and guests who came to learn just how we worked.  I was a small part of the teaching at some of those weekends and felt deeply privileged to be there.  

When my knee was sore, everyone scrambled to get me a chair to rest my leg on and brought me uncounted cups of tea as I sat and knitted and chatted. Some even searched out knitting patterns for me!  I loved those afternoons and evenings!


My friends from Jacob's Well friends visited me at home when I was ill and brought meals that ranged from delicious mushroom soup to homemade granola and a little wooden box of Turkish delight and so much more! They brought their company, their friendship and their prayers.  They gave me hope! 


Some of my most interesting, challenging and inspirational referrals came from the staff at Jacob’s Well and I sincerely believe that between us all, we made life a little healthier, a little more comfortable and a little safer for some of the people who call the DTES home.They were truly some of my most treasured days! You will always be in my prayers!  Thanks Jacob's Well!  

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